Welcome to Apple Blossom Tarot! My name is Olusha and I'm a tarot card reader who lives in Washington State. I've been using the tarot for many years and I really love being able to HELP people with their lives using the power of the tarot cards. There's nothing more exciting than laying the cards out and getting the answer I hoped for...nothing more satisfying than my clients calling me back to tell me that something happened that I predicted. I created this website to give potential clients information about my services and to give current clients a more substantial connection to me and my readings.

I currently give readings by email, chatting online, telephone and live, in person! Please look around the site and contact me with any questions you may have. Not computer savvy? No problem! Just call 205-578-2775 and I can help you decide which payment method to use. Blessed be.

Welcome to Apple Blossom Tarot!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Happy birthday, ABT blog. I’m keeping an open mind as to the ways I’ll use this venue. As … View Detail