Welcome to Apple Blossom Tarot!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Happy birthday, ABT blog.

I’m keeping an open mind as to the ways I’ll use this venue. As for now, I’ll use it to announce special rates and major changes of availability as well as to give helpful information. I hope to talk about the tarot and the art of reading it as well as how to get the best readings you can.

Hopefully there will be room for me to talk about my experiences as a reader as well. No, I won’t be going on rants against clients, but if I can talk about something in a way that leads someone to reconsider their negative position, then I will. That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see if I can accomplish it diplomatically.

The idea of opening up discussions based on questions posed by those who get readings is also inviting. I’ll probably try to tackle a few subjects that my clients raise over time. If you have an idea, please contact me!

I don’t really participate much in social media at this time, but I plan to change that soon. Most of my professional readings take place in my own home, so I don’t have much of a chance to interact with other people in the industry. At least I have a couple of accounts though, so check me out on Facebook or Twitter!

There’s no real posting schedule or anything, I’ll just post when I feel the desire to. I have had another hosted blog and there’s an article I posted there that I’ll probably post here as well, so look for that soon-ish.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out the rest of the site by clicking on the links at the top of the site. You’ll get all kinds of useful information…and you never know when that’ll come in handy..

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