About Me

My name is Olusha (o-loo-sha) and I’ve been doing tarot card readings for friends and family for many years. I love the feeling I get from connecting with that spiritual side of myself and of life when I read the tarot. I firmly believe that there are things in this life that we can’t see or understand while we occupy these Earthly vessels. I have faith that they guide me even though they are unseen.

That said, sometimes the psychic world in general is too “out there”, too “woowooo”, if you will. I’m a completely normal person. I’m a single mother living life just like everyone else and it’s not in my nature to separate myself or see the spiritual world as anything that everyone can’t participate in.

My readings are laid back and casual, never judgmental or intimidating. I use only the cards, not guides or angels or spirits, so I won’t be pulling information from anywhere but the cards.

That said, I tell it like it is, so if you want a reader who’s just going to spread sunshine and flowers when life isn’t always so easy, please go elsewhere. I don’t sugar coat my readings and I won’t filter information based on your emotional state. I don’t think that helps anyone and that’s my main goal.

I use a standard Ryder-Waite tarot deck and you can see the spreads I use by clicking HERE. I currently offer readings by chat, email or phone. If you’re in Western Washington and are interested in a private reading or engaging my services for a party or gathering, please contact me for more information.

Here are some testimonials given by current clients.

“Great reading. She was fun & pleasant and very kind. I liked hearing her actually shuffle the cards. Her reading was what I needed (& hoped) to hear and I pray she is correct. I will definitely call again. Thank you.”

“I really enjoyed my call with Olusha. She really is fast and accurate (we covered close to 10 question in 15 minutes). Her decriptions of each situation were right on and I love the level of detail she gives about each card…not too much but enough to give me the big picture view of the situation.”

“She was great! Very friendly and read the cards in a timely manner. She was also dead on about the current situation. Hopefully she’s right about what’s to come as well 🙂 ”

“Thank you again, you’ve been so helpful. Straight forward, to the point, accurate and sympathetic. I never feel like Olusha is judging me, she just wants to help.”

“Fabulous! Thank you! Wonderful interpretation of the cards yet very intuitive as well.”

“Wow, what a beautiful presence. Much of what she said resonated quite well. I am so impressed. Thank you again.”

“First time caller and was very impressed with her reading style. She is super sweet and makes very sure you understand what each card she gets represents and what it means your personal situation. Will definitely be calling back and looking forward to working with her more!”

“One of the best readings I ever had. She actually reads the cards for one thing which most of them don’t anymore they just give you advice, and she was really honest but caring and didn’t just tell me what I want to hear. She didn’t ask me a lot of leading questions and then feed off all the info I gave either – she is a good tarot reader and knows the cards.”.

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