I conduct chat readings for the same price as phone readings by the minute. You can prepay for a reading done via Yahoo, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, SMS text (cell phone) or you pay by the minute by doing a chat with me on (instructions below)

Prepay here by PayPal! See payment options for more prepayment methods.

10 minute chat session – $15

20 minute chat session – $30

30 minute chat session – $45

60 minute chat session – $90

I type over 90 words per minute, so no worries that I’ll be slow! 🙂 The fact that transcripts from chat readings can be saved to read over again later is a definite benefit of doing a chat reading. Also, sometimes it’s easier to comprehend and process information when we see it in written form.

To chat with me on, you need to have an account first. Click the call now button below to sign up, but instead of completing the call, come back to this page, click HERE and click “chat now” to initiate a session. This is kind of complicated, but necessary if you’ve never used Keen before and only want to chat.

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