Payment Options

Payment option #1 –

New clients get 3 FREE minutes to use on their first call or chat session. is the web’s largest and most well respected site for independent readers! I have been using the site for over TEN years and I prefer Keen’s double blind privacy, easy navigation and suite of features.

You’ll add money to your Keen account and it will be deducted by the minute when you make a call or initiate a chat. You can also use that money to pay me directly by Keen email if you want an email reading or another service.

Payment option #2 – PayPal

Pretty much everyone knows what PayPal is these days, but in case you don’t, it’s the internet’s largest payment processor. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay me using PayPal, just a credit card. I accept prepayments for phone, chat, email or in person readings by PayPal.

Payment option #3 – Green Dot prepaid credit card

I have a Green Dot prepaid VISA card and you can buy the “refills” for it almost everywhere. Walmart, Rite Aid, Radio Shack, Walgreen’s, etc. To find the location nearest you, click HERE. You take cash to the store, get me a refill code, give it to me so I can load it onto my card and voila, we’re ready to go. I accept this payment method for all of my services.

Payment option #4 – electronic gift cards

I love to shop and I have no problem taking electronic gift cards from,,,, etc. in exchange for my services. Please contact me first to see if I’m taking gift cards on the day you want a reading, I don’t accept them all the time.


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