Types of Readings

The method of delivery doesn’t affect the reading itself. Whether I give you the results of my reading through email, instant messaging session, telephone or in person, I use the same standard tarot spreads every time, depending upon the question and the situation. Here are descriptions of the spreads I use most commonly. If you have one you’re familiar with, feel free to describe it to me and ask me to use it during our reading.

Relationship spread – This is a 7 card spread that tells me how both people are feeling, what stands between you and what will happen in the near future.

Celtic Cross – A 10 card spread that covers a lot of different areas. When someone asks for a “general” reading, this is the spread I use. Different readers use different terms to describe the areas this spread covers, but no matter who is using it, it’s a comprehensive and widely known spread.

3 card spread – For simple questions, I always pull 3 cards. I see them as past, present, future, but also as a main answer with two back up cards.

Decision spread – This is a 6 card spread that compares and contrasts two possible decisions and their outcomes..

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